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This two-day online workshop uses the [fiction]XR framework to explore the future of architectural design. As an architecture student currently working on projects along Bagdat Caddesi in Istanbul, we invite you to join us to reimagine the future of your designs. You'll use our web-based [fiction]XR framework to create a tangible representation of your project's future, including a variety of integrated technologies. This workshop aims to inspire you to think creatively about technology integration in future architectural spaces.

2-Day Online Workshop

Workshop Date: April 15th and April 18th, 2024

Workshop Venue: Online & Istanbul Technical University, Taskisla Campus

Duration: Approximately 7-8 hours (including breaks)

Number of Participants: max.20

Requirements for Participants

  • A computer or a tablet with Firefox Browser
  • Having some familiarity with any 3D modeling software (optional)
  • A smartphone with Google Chrome Browser + VR Cardboard (optional for VR experience)

How It Works

1. Drawing Inspiration: Our framework includes a unique card system to help you get started with your creative process. You will draw these fiction cards to find your initial inspiration, laying the groundwork for your futuristic scenarios.

2. Creating Storyworlds with AI: You will employ AI to generate a vivid storyworld using the cards you've drawn or selected. These fiction cards, combined with AI prompts, will serve as a starting point for you to create detailed storyworlds that reflect the potential technological evolution of your designs.

3. Bringing Storyworlds to Reality: Once your storyworld is conceptualized, the next step is to implement it into a scene using the [fiction]XR framework. This scene will be an interactive experience, accessible through AR and VR platforms, allowing users to step into the future you've envisioned.

This process is not just about envisioning but practically applying futuristic scenarios in architectural design, encouraging you to think critically about how technology will shape the environments of tomorrow.

During our workshop, it is important to understand that the scenarios you create with the cards and the storyworlds that result do not have to reflect futures that you advocate for or personally support. The point of this exercise is not to endorse specific technological futures but to investigate a wide range of possibilities, including those you may not favor or anticipate as likely.

Bringing these various scenarios to life, even those you may not agree with, is extremely valuable. It provides an opportunity for all participants to engage in rich, thought-provoking discussions. By sharing these speculative futures with others, you contribute to a larger conversation about the possible directions architectural technology could take. This dialogue is critical because it allows us to collectively consider, debate, and navigate the complex terrain of future possibilities before they become reality.

Participants will be a part of a platform on They will be able to access their final designs and the [fiction]XR tool even after the workshop ends, and they will be able to use the tool for their future studies and works.

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